About Me

I grew up in Indiana and went on to graduate cum laude with a BA in Astrophysics from Harvard in 2012. I attended graduate school at the University of Washington, graduating with my PhD in summer 2018.

In addition to my astronomy research, I'm also interested in the growing potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence. I'm a 'data scientist' at heart and like the challenge of digging meaning out of large data sets (a la Nate Silver). I try to keep up and apply the new techniques to my own research and practice with personal side projects.

Outside of my research, sports take up the majority of my life. As an undergraduate, I helped run the Harvard intramural program and participated in over a dozen sports. I'm a Chicago [Cubs, Bears, Bulls] fan, and the Cubs' World Series win was perhaps the greatest day of my life! I like to run, hike, bike, ski, or just throw a frisbee around for a quick break.